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Iowa La Niña Winter 07-08
© Gerald Rowles 2007-08
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Deliveries Completed

Shadow Chase

Shore Lace

Winterwheat Icing

Silent Running

Snow Tracks

Stark Contrasts
Joy Knows No Season

Rolling Field
Winter's Rollercoaster

Winter Classic

Country Manor

Winter's Impressions

Out to Winter Pasture

Scattered Energy

Geometric Transposition
Winter Slopes

Iced D'lights

Winter's Fruit
Weathered Frame

Winter's Impressions

Ice Trail

Fiery Reflection
Radiant Waves

Windswept Dawn
Rolling Splendor

Rustic Icing

White Swash


Crystal Foliage

Intensely Elegant

Blown Tire

Touch of Color

Sunrise Subdivision
Wary Sharing

Old Glory

Frozen Motion
After-Dinner Nap

Lone Pine

Stark Naked Beauty

Tree Owl Moonrise

After the Ice Storm

Farm Industry

Weathered Tile

Rural Oasis

No Access

Well, Frozen

Golden Memories
Best Winter Dress

Gary's Red Barn
Treacherous Trestle Red Tail Morning

Nomade - Cogito Ergo Sum II

First Winter Coat

Hard Light

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